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"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." -Albert Einstein

Regarding my "Thoughts" content area:

In this area I offer resources and thoughts / observations in the hope of providing improved understanding / context of subjects which are of current interest. Some thoughts might even help to reframe how we perceive a topic, ideally bringing about improvement in resolution of the issue or at least handling thereof.

Disclaimer: Some of my views align with the right while other of my views align with the left, just as no party is without its problems in how they practice politics no party has a monopoly on proper concerns and even good ideas. Some of my views might even align with neither party. I myself don't identify with any established party and thus am not trying to create agitation in an 'us versus them' or 'my side is better than yours' manner. Rather I strive for a calm, rational, productive approach to moving forward, continuing to improve the 'human condition' as so many before us have strived and sacrificed to do. Undoubtedly you will disagree with some of my views or thoughts, some might even upset you, you have my apologies for that.


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(all from year 2023):

Tuesday, July 4th: The meaning / potential of a holiday:
I tend to celebrate holidays such as today in unorthodox ways. For example, many years ago in observance of July 4th I watched the movie adaptation of '1984' to remind us of what we don't want the country to become.

Certainly this day should be a day for reflection regarding our 'imperfect union' and how we can strive to make it more perfect, that is the way to honor those who over the years, decades, and centuries have fought and sacrificed for what should be.

One example.

Tuesday, July 4th: On this day in 1868:
Scientist Henrietta Swan Leavitt was born. "Her discovery of how to effectively measure vast distances to remote galaxies led to a shift in the understanding of the nature of the universe."
(Quoted portion from Wikipedia. Hat-tip to Project Gutenberg Mastodon timeline.)

Sunday, July 2nd: Google and Meta features / controls / user interface:
Raise your hand if you find that Facebook, er, Meta and Google make their features far too complex to use.

Sunday, June 25th: On this day in 1903:
Scientist Marie Curie defended her PhD thesis in the physical sciences... she received a "very honourable" distinction. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person to win a Nobel Prize twice, and the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two scientific fields.
(Re-posted from the Project Gutenberg Mastodon timeline.)

Thursday, June 22nd: Author Octavia E. Butler's thought on not being a prophet, today being the 76th anniversary of her birth:
"I didn't make up the problems. All I did was look around at the problems we're neglecting now and give them about 30 years to grow into full-fledged disasters."
(Re-posted from the Mastodon timeline of author Nadine Tomlinson.)

Sunday, June 18th: Regarding the 40th anniversary of Dr. Sally Ride's first space flight:
This should be trending. Sad commentary about Twitter that it is not. Dr. Sally Ride gave hope to women who were already dreaming of their place in space and inspired many more to believe that they too belonged there, that they could pursue such a career as well. #ShineLikeSally

Wednesday, June 7th: Regarding Chris Licht's departure from CNN:
Chris Licht's performance at CNN is the latest example that our society is not in general a meritocracy, that connections and luck rule. Otherwise we wouldn't see so many people be so inept in their well supported and well compensated jobs at which many others would do no worse.

Thursday, June 1st: Regarding Humanity's effects on our singular home, Earth:
"Earth is 'really quite sick now' and in danger zone in nearly all ecological ways, study says"
The only ecological danger threshold not yet crossed is air pollution despite 4.2 million people dying annually from air pollution.
Can we fix our problems?

Wednesday, May 31st: Regarding the 102nd anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre:
The Tulsa Massacre is one of those things they don't teach you about in school, but should. In general we spend far too little time teaching history.
'Dodging bullets' and coming home to 'nothing left'

Monday, May 29th: Regarding Memorial Day 2023:
Memorial Day: we best honor those who lost their lives so that our lives would exist and be better by ourselves striving every day to improve life for people everywhere, just as those lost died to protect not only country but also the world. To the fallen: I salute your sacrifice.

Saturday, May 27th: Regarding Vice President Harris speaking at West Point:
I am shocked that today was the first female West Point commencement speaker. There have been notable female soldiers and military leaders for decades. That this had not already occurred reflects the ongoing issues with gender, race, and class that bedevil our military leadership.
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