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Robert Andrew Lentz
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"There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" -Bernard Shaw

I grew up in the American Midwest with good Midwestern values and some exposure to the Great White North due to a broken family.

I know a little about many different things, just enough to sometimes sound like I know what I am talking about, and look to learn more.

I am a Shepherd and as part of that often a Cassandra.

In 2007 I completed 'ground school' towards a private pilot's license but given the post-9/11 airspace restrictions in the area (Washington, D.C.) I did not pursue actual flight training.

I had the fortunate experience of partially growing up with the a pilot of a 1946 Cessna 120. That was very insightful, especially going with him to fly-ins (and the associated competitions such as precision dead-stick landing...) as well as seeing him recover his wings. Most people would not like to know what little holds an airplane in the air, or how light such an airplane can be. (Just pick up the tail and change its pointing, then push it along the taxiway, which is much easier than pushing a car.)

Then for my thirty-eighth birthday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

I helped an ex-girlfriend train for and ride in a Century, that's a 100-mile bike ride. Yes, 100 miles in one ride, on one day. I was not riding a road bike either, this was on my fifteen-year old hybrid bike. The inefficiency just made for a better workout. *smiles*

I myself have survived through a number of life's more difficult challenges. Unfortunately I grew up rather ignorant of far too many other life and societal challenges faced by many. Along the way I have had my understanding expanded, and reality altered, as I learned from many others, including women, veterans, and those not from this country.

I do have some very personal understanding of the impact of unplanned pregnancies. While not born an actual bastard I was conceived a bastard, disrupting my mother's college plans. I saw her later return and complete that journey, going with her to some of her night classes, and other trips to the university as needed for her studies. My mother earned not only her college degree but later went on to also earn her MBA and start her own business. Through all this effort, as well as her efforts as a single mother after my parents separated when I was only three years of age, I understand the special drive that mothers possess.

Throughout human history many have toiled and suffered, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice, in order to improve the lives of their fellow humans. The vast majority of these people did not have power, but still strove to improve life for those around / close to them. Others gained power through starting a cause that attracted supporters. A few with power, far too few, also worked to improve the Human Condition, often themselves paying a price when their efforts to improve the lives of people eroded the power others had over the people. I believe that the best way to honor those who have sacrificed, or been sacrificed, throughout history to make Humanity's lot better is to do all we can ourselves to continue Humanity's progress in some way. "We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once." -Calvin Coolidge

As for the work-a-day world, I have worked in all three 'environments': corporate, education, and non-profit, so I have some awareness of those particular cultures and demands. As part of this experience I served time in the government contracting sector as well, so I have some familiarity with what a mess that is, and how it has gone far beyond its original purpose of bringing in new knowledge from external scientists and high-level analysts / 'thought leaders'. My experience in government contracting has also provided exposure to how the government functions, or does not... (My last effort in that realm was providing project management support to the Chief Engineer of a $65 million enterprise portal effort which was doomed to fail due to how it was funded.)

I have played basketball in the Pentagon.

I started providing information on the Web for the benefit of all on August 15th, 1993. I fumbled the continuation of that a few times while dealing with career transition and severe life challenges. Now I am back again. If you remember my old site (RALentz), it would be good to hear from you.

In full disclosure the photo is not current. My hair is currently thinned out like Prince William's. I am in good company on that front at least...

The Twitter: @RALentz ("Facilitator. Mostly Harmless. Irreverent bastard. Survivor. Shepherd and Cassandra. Midwestern son. RIP USENET, the best discussion platform (and clients).")

Email: RobertAndrewLentz with the 'G' mail service.